FOODOZONE- Food Ozone Generator

FOODOZONE- Food Ozone Generator



All you need to make your own Ozone Oil
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600mg Food Ozone Generator Water, Air And Oil Sterilizer Ozonizer


1. The unit is a professional high-output water ozonator with an ozone output rating of 400 mg/h. it blows the competition away in terms of ozone output, durability and features.
2. The  unit features the most powerful pump in its class which helps to ensure that all the ozone produced by the unit is fully utilized. 

3. The OE-40 is also fully programmable .
4. This unit can be either placed flat on a desk/counter or wall mounted for a permanent installation.

It is imperative to recognize that in order for you to receive the entire benefit of a water ozonator’s ozone output the unit must feature a high volume pump.  Ozone dissipates very quickly in air and must be expelled from the generator rapidly.  Very few water ozonators feature pumps that can handle their high ozone output capacities.  The result is wasted ozone and corrosion of internal electronics as ozone is a strong oxidizer.  Our unit has the highest volume pump in its class and is capable of expelling 100% of the ozone it produces.




    What are some of the common uses for ozonated water?  

  • Ozone is a an amazingly powerful oxidizer with numerous applications.  Ozone is commonly used as a means of air purification because of its effectiveness at killing many forms of bacteria, mold, mildew and other micro-bugs.  In the same vein, ozonated water is used to thoroughly cleans and remove unhealthy contaminates from vegetables and fruits.  Ozonated water can sometimes be substituted for the harsh and dangerous chemicals used to clean kitchen countertops, sinks, and bathroom floors.  There is no better way to remove noxious odors than dousing its source with ozonated water.
  • Ozone is the chemical byproduct that results when tremendous amounts of electricity are introduced into the air.  Ozone is chemically composed of three bound oxygen atoms (O3).  Due to the high density of oxygen in ozonated water, many people experience dramatic increases in energy and alertness when they consume it.  After ingesting ozonated water, a person experiences a major boost in energy and mental clarity without the negative side effects of caffeine and other stimulants.  Ozonated water is an excellent supplement for athletes, students and those who adhere to rigid schedules. It helps maintain clarity and increases endurance without the detrimental affects of caffeine, and even coffee.
  • Ozonated water has has been demonstrated to provide emotional benefits in both sick and healthy individuals alike.



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