Luxe Diamond laser


Luxe Diamond laser


Original price was: $32,000.00.Current price is: $26,000.00.

The world’s most advanced laser technology has arrived in the market
Meet the Luxe Diamond laser hair removal device
✅ Single with 4 wavelengths treatments without pain. 1064*755*808*940
✅ 4 heads to choose from, 4 different sizes for all areas.
✅ Full body in only 12 minutes.
✅Painless treatments, with a commitment.
✅Suitable for all skin colors.
✅ Results of first treatment with commitment.
✅ Smart Android system.
✅ Device in any language.
✅ Camera for hair root diagnosis.
✅ -30 degree cooling system.


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Innovative Technology for clinical superior outcomes

FDA approval, CE certificate, RoSH, TUV

Permanent laser hair removal

Exclusive And Upgraded Handle:

Upgraded handpiece screen
The Luxe Diamond laser handpiece with LCD screen, same control with the machine.

Friendly LCD screen
for handpiece,practitioners can enjoy a more intuitive, user friendly work experience.

Equipped with four sizes of spot, one Luxe Diamond laser handpiece is
suitable for whole body treatment, including larger and
smaller areas. Spot size: 15mm*15mm, 15mm*20mm,
15mm*30mm, 15mm*40mm

New design of optical shaping and chip self-identification.
Supports chip self-identification to ensure the safety of
energy output.

Luxe Diamond laser optical path, including
beam shaping, collimation, focus, etc., several kinds of
spot outputs with various sizes was implemented

Exclusive Smart Android System:

  1. Function: Hair removal / Skin rejuvenation.
  2. Gender selection: Male / Female.
  3. Treatment of parts: Face / Arms / Chest / Abdomen / Back / Leg.
  4. Smart cool: L1-L5.
  5. Treatment parameters:Smart pre-set parameters.
  6. Advanced warning system: Intelligent detection to ensure machine safety.

Smart Android System
Luxe Diamond laser, which uses advanced
Android system, is not just a machine that removes hair, but
also supports Internet access, storage and intelligent informa-
tion processing.

Now, in the information age,smart clinics need
smarter machines. Smart Clinic is a multi-faceted solution that
provides a complete picture of your business; whether it is a
single clinic or a chain.
Smart clinic data center
13.3-inch Android system guides you through each treatment.
Intelligent selection based on the gender of the person being
treated, skin color and body parts, intelligent generate accurate
parameters and treatment time .
User manage
Customer management is smarter. Customer information stor-
age and treatment records,making the treatment process more efficient.

Skin analyzer

Magnified 75 / 200 times
Convenient operation
Supports image and video storage
Real-time viewing of therapeutic effect

Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. Laser beam penetrates deep
into skin dermis and reach the root of hair follicles.

The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the hair follicle and con-
verted into heat which will irreversibly damage the hair follicle tissue without damaging surrounding tissue.

The hair will disappear after a natural physiological process and achieve permanent hair removal effect.
Remove the unwanted hair of the body, such as hairline, lip hair, whiskers, armpit hair, body hair, bikini hair It is suitable for
all skin and hair types.


Model Name:
Luxe Diamond
Laser HANDLE power
1500W (Customizable)
5 Spot size:
Screen size of the handle:
2.1 inch touch LCD screen + 1.3 inch display screen
Screen size of the machine:
13.3 inch Android screen (exclusive)
Energy density:
Cooling system
Water cooling + TEC cooling + Wind cooling + Sapphire +
Energy supply
Refrigeration power
Machine Size (L*W*H)
Package Size (L*W*H)
Gross weight
Device Warranty
2 year + Life-time after sale service
Handle shooting warranty
20 millions


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