Ozonator Household

Ozonator Household



1.Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable: kill bacteria, keep fresh, eliminate bad smell and reduce hormone.
2.Skin care beauty: activation  of skin cells , speckle removing ,prevention of halitosis and tooth cavities ,skin disease and so on.
3.Water purifier : water treatment for decolonization  and fishy removal.
4.Air purifier : kill bacteria ,disinfecting ,eliminate bad odor ,especially in household and office area.
5.Manual rotate system and automatic system with digital timing can be  chosen
6 ,the color of machine can be customized.


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Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Ozonator Household Water Food Vegetable, Fruit Purify Sterilizer

220V / 110V 600mg/h


Foods and Water Cleaner
Dissolves and eliminates pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Disinfects the food in refrigerator, Extend fresh fruit and vegetables storage life in refrigerators and coolers.
Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware.
Air Purification
killing virus and detoxification, prevent infective diseases, harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from new furniture,  painting, and carpeting.
Health Care
Prevents diseases such as epiphyte from infecting.
Kills most harmful bacteria.
Helps to prevent or control many skin disease.
Helps to accelerates the metabolism activity of skin, making skin healthier and fresher in appearance. 

1. Potable Drinking/Camping Water
2. Fruit and Vegetable Rinsing
3. Food and Cooking Utensils
4. Hot Tub/Spa
5. Bath Water
6. Baby Bottle Washing
7. Aquarium
8. Office Air treatment
9. Home Air treatment
10. Removes Mold and Odor in basements,
11. Removes Food Odor such as Onion, Spices, Burnt oil, etc in Kitchen
12. Kills Bacteria in Water and Air
13. Ozonates Olive Oilin gel or liquid form
14. In large and small Fish Tank, Make water Crystal clear
15. Air Treatment, Kills Bacteria and Pollen
16. Doctor and Dental Office Application, Removes bio film and sanitizes water
17. Aquarium, Make water crystal Clear
18. Removes smoke and smoke order right away

Scope of application
Used in hotel, school bus, car, restaurants, entertainment, wet area, meeting rooms,production workshop, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, the bedroom, coffee shop, bar, cafe, KTV room, cinema, collective dormitory, train, the terminal, waiting room, the dressing room, laboratory, warehouse, the city chicken farm animal breeding new factory, decorate office or business place, such as office buildings, hotels, stores and exhibition hall and other new decorated top-grade residential area.
– Ozone generator comes with everything necessary to remove odors, destruction of viruses, bacteria and mildew, even for drinking water purification.
– Ozone water has a wide range of use: Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable, skin protection and beauty, deodorizing and bleaching, teeth brushing, beriberi therapeutic health care,
– Increase ozone in the fish jar and purify the water with the air tube, while making the air clean in the room without the tube.
– Portable, can be transported and used from one room to another.
– A simple LED display to make it very easy to use the desired settings.
– 8w rated power, energy-saving and ensure a long shelf life.
– Works in a natural way, without any chemicals.


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