SPA Capsule Dry – medical spa


SPA Capsule Dry – medical spa


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  • Bathing: skin cleaning and rosy
  • Bubble bathing: comfort and delighted
  • Surfing massage: relax muscle and nerves, dissipate fatigue
  • Vichy bathing: improve the blood circulation, decompress and dissipate fatigue
  • Steam sauna: Losing weight, burning fat, skin rejuvenation and promote metabolism
  • Aroma steam: body completely relaxing and enjoyable


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SPA Capsule Dry

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medical spa

  1. Bathing: skin cleaning and rosy
  2. Bubble bathing: comfort and delighted
  3. Surfing massage: relax muscle and nerves, dissipate fatigue
  4. Vichy bathing: improve the blood circulation, decompress and dissipate fatigue
  5. Steam sauna: Losing weight, burning fat, skin rejuvenation and promote metabolism
  6. Aroma steam: body completely relaxing and enjoyable
  7. herb steam: dredging the channel, improve the blood circulation, eliminate stasis, relieving rheumatism, keep you healthy and anti-aging
  8. Infrared ray: Sweat and eliminate humidity, improve metabolism, dilate blood vessel, and open up the lymph
  9. Spectrum therapy: relaxing, decompress and improve the skin.
  10. Facial massage: increase the skin elasticity and keep comfortable breath
  11. Visual function: relax nerves, enjoy emotion, excite potential
  12. Ozone sterilization: ensure every user enjoys it safely.
  13. Oxygen function could be added.
  14. The ozone generator could be changed into 2gr.


Treatments Recommended

  1. The slimming body care treatment
  2. Toxin expulsion treatment
  3. Relaxing treatment
  4. Healthy care herbal treatment

Why choose the far infrared spectrum light wave space capsule?

1. Increase your body’s oxygen content: revitalize your cells, be more energetic, and have a more flexible mind.

2. Promote the decomposition and excretion of perspiration and subcutaneous fat: eliminate heavy metals, toxins, and other internal deposition wastes.

3. Activate physiological functions and functions: activate hormones and enzymes.

4. Enhance vitality: strengthen metabolism, strengthen the full use of nutrients and eliminate fatigue.

5. Physiotherapy of muscular functions and neurological diseases: balance autonomic nerves, exert positive effects on muscle lactic acid and liver, and eliminate tension and unexplained dull pain.

6. Inhibit the development of cancer cells and destroy the bad proteins.

7. Relieve pain and inflammation: improve the body’s own immune ability..


One Year Warranty 

CE certificate

User Manual


  • Operation System: Infrared
  • Certification: GMPC, CE certifacate
  • Feature: Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Whitening
  • Product name: Far infrared spectrum light wave capsule
  • Function: Weight Loss/Skin Tightening
  • Nominal voltage: 110v 220V-240V
  • Rated power: 1000W
  • Hold size: 175*68*38cm


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