UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device

UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device



The UMH Master is the ultimate in energizing, neutralizing, and water structuring technology on Planet Earth.  This European Water Structuring technology is made of the finest materials including brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, among other precious stones.  In addition to structuring water in multiple ways including vortexing, Sacred Geometry, and entrainment, every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos with Phi.  Experience the magnificence of the UMH Master.

Are you kidding me?! This is absolute perfection in my shower, bath, dishwasher, washer, faucets! The healing water is making me speechless! ~Randy from New York


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As Dr. Emoto and so many other scientists have now demonstrated, water has a liquid crystalline structure that reflects the vibration of its environment. For the highest vibration structured water, why not pass your water through the UMH Master Whole House device and create the resonance of 10 different gems. The inside of these finely crafted devices carry 10 gems, sacred geometry and every measurement honed to evoke the energy of the cosmos. To learn more about UMH Structured Water Devices.


UMH Reviews



I am excited to bring these high vibrational tools into my house, raising the frequency of the water, but also our home, and our bodies!
Jacqueline L, May 2017


For me—I love that the water always, always tastes clear and good, with no trace of chlorine or anything else, 100% of the time. I love that deep resonance of goodness that arises in my being from using it. No technology other than structured water devices have ever given me this, and the 3-in-1 does it like nothing else. The UMH brings angels to mind often! I love that it’s so practical—literally forgettable—in use. It is a very simple, powerful source of joy—I could say grace.

I just asked my partner Caraline about her thoughts. She says that, after the UMH, all other water seems to be harrowed and troubled, “like a teenager kicking a can around the street.” She also noticed, when we first put it in place, an impression like light coming up from the plughole, once the water had been flowing down it!

Tony, October 2018


I absolutely LOVE my UMH Master! My plumber is telling his entire professional network water -installation business about it!
Pamela, December 2016


Patrick, you told me to start breathing through my UMH Master while I waited for the plumber to arrive and now I don’t want to stop! I need to purchase another one to install because I want to continue using this one for structured breathing!!
Eileen H, December 2016


The first two days with my UMH Live, I experienced a powerful flow of well being. I could sense intuitively that something big had shifted. I just had this sense I was being carried by a warm wave of love. A warm and light feeling radiated through my being and I felt more tangibly that I am love in my essence!
Gisele Landry, November 2016


This UMH Live is certainly a gift that keeps on giving! As they say, ‘a thing of beauty and a joy forever.’ My first drink of water was like nothing I have had since last time I drank directly from a mountain spring a long, long time ago. It’s truly magnificent. Lives up to all the claims. Thank you to all concerned–your whole team, including Jen, and of course dear Herr Rotheiser with his dedicated handiwork! I am so blessed!
Shira Nahari, October 2016


The UMH structuring device is something we have continued to use not only privately since the end of 2010, but also in our restaurant. The response of the guests has exceeded our expectations. The water tastes smoother and you really feel the revitalization. The increase in quality could also be a clear measurement of the quality of water in so-called Bovis units. As we also have a gourmet deli where we only produce natural goods, we have exclusively used vitalized water ever since. What can I say; the application of the UMH water vitalization has been a huge success. This proves both the customer demand and the quality of our own products.
Klaus Kilgenstein, 2005


For 2 years we have been using your UMH structuring device for water treatment. Since then, we exclusively drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling. I was, as a diabetic, always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh. I find it very easy now to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water. Since then, my blood sugar has almost normalized (from a long-term glucose level of 15.3 to 6.9). Another interesting thing is what I see with my wife. The situation was very alarming as there were several noticeable signs of dehydration. With the energized water, she can now manage to drink approximately 2.5 liters. We thank you very much for your significant contribution in improving our quality of life in this way.
Dietmar Gruber, 2009


After about 6 months of calling your convincing device my property, I can no longer imagine living without it. The topic of water, as I have often read, is one of the most crucial criteria for our health. Even in the six-week trial with one of your devices, I could describe the positive physical responses with an increased craving of my body for the soft, well-rounded taste of water. The annoying carrying of boxes was once and for all finished. As a coffee drinker, I can also notice that the lime content in my kettle has been reduced and it is much easier to remove what remains. For some time now even my two rabbits can taste the difference in the treated water. A conventional bowl with normal tap water – no revitalization- just sits there. I would be more than happy to recommend your devices to quality and health conscious people.
Matthias Rothfuß, 2010


Dear Friends,
I would like to thank you for your interest in my work and would like to convey the practical results regarding the use of the UMH water purification device over the last 15 years, in our metabolic medical practice. Within the holistic biological therapy approach is the quality assurance of the best possible hydration, as is the top priority of the implementation of an optimal diet. In my 3-year search for suitable suppliers, I let myself be guided by key performance criteria that healthy water should possess in order to act quickly, safely and holistically:

1.Hygienic toxicological safety
2.Surface tension
3.Electrical conductance
4.Biophoton storage
5.Drip edge
6.RF/HF pulse passage
7.Healing spectrum
8.Information storage capacity
9.Cluster Type
10.Imagery of water crystal
11.pH value
12.Bovis units
13.Good sensors
14.Energy and long-termmolecular stability
15.Small intestinal resorption
16.Liver processing capability
17.Cellular absorption capacity
18.Vitamin transportability in the body
19.Mineral transportability in the body
20.Neutralization capacity
21.Toxin and metal elimination capability
22.Activation of digestive fluid secretion
23.Energetic performance increase in all organ functions
24.Safe blood cell dehydration and elimination

After many individual attempts, I found the UMH water to be a reliable solution that allows these performance parameters to be achieved. By continuous kinesiologic measurements and my more than ten years of practical experience in those seeking holistic help, monitoring the effectiveness was thereby ensured. I see the UMH water not as a panacea, but as a basis for a therapeutic resolution for pathogenic caused complexes. When we understand the path of healing as a recovery of the inner and outer harmony, then it requires the resolution of chaos in which the disease grows. You will find that what we drink in energetic and structural chaos, healing is very questionable, because our life processes are known to rest in about 70% water. From a scientific point of view, water is the second evolutionary factor after light. We should protect it and use it. I hope these remarks to be of service and remain with best regards.
Detlef Jaehn


We are now proud the owners of a UMH unit and are totally impressed. The fresh taste alone is convincing. When cleaning the dishwasher, we found hardly any limescale on glasses and the shower water is pleasant on the skin. I‘m now curious to see how long it takes the shower walls to be cloudy again …Our plumber had met with a distribution partner for Germany at my request and was initially extremely skeptical. The most amusing thing was that after having the taste demonstration, he threw all his doubts out the window and now integrates the UMH products in his range of options!
Christiane Driewer, 2010


Our UMH water system has raised our awareness about the quality of water in general. We can handle it better and have the feeling that it gives us more energy for the day. It was not the same with the water that we had previously drunk. Our guests also noticed the outstanding taste. In addition, it is super convenient that the water is drawn fresh from the tap and can be served in a carafe. Previously people had to use these despicable plastic bottles. We are completely satisfied and have not regretted the investment a single day. We can recommend the UMH water treatment without any restrictions.
Uli & Kathrin Breitbach, 2011


For two years we’ve been using your UMH energizing device for our water treatment. Since then, we only drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling. I am a diabetic and was always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh. We always have two places where our dogs can get water, but only one of them was actually used as a place for water. As an experiment, we deliberately gave the UMH water in the water bowl that has not been previously used. From that moment on, the dogs drink exclusively from that bowl.
Dietmar Gruber, 2009


We have been using the UMH water purification equipment for more than half a year and are very satisfied. Based on the feedback from seminar attendees and the in-house staff, we can see that more people like drinking tap water. Some seminar guests have also mentioned that they still feel fresh and relaxed after a full-day seminar. Therefore, a significant improvement in the water can be determined. Additionally, the problems with rusty brown water have for the most part been solved.
Herbert Frantes, 2004


The water in our area contains a high level of lime water (18-22) and does not taste good enough to drink. Our children, who are three and five years old, entirely refused to drink. As the UMH unit was installed, we all immediately noticed a change: The tap water suddenly tasted softer, milder and as lively as spring water. The kids really enjoy drinking it. The kettle doesn’t have limescale build up as quickly as it did before and while showering, the energized water feels softer and more purifying. We are very grateful for this technology.
Diane Gemsjäger, 2007


In 1996, when we moved into our new home, we were extremely delighted. However, after a few months there was strong calcification on our dark blue mountings. After many discussions with experts and friends, we decided in the spring of 1997 on the purchase of a water treatment device and have not looked back since. Not only have the calcium deposits visibly declined, the quality of the drinking water has got much better. The first stop of a dear friend from Klagenfurt is always to the tap, to drink a glass of water. For her it is the best water she knows.
Uschi Hechl-Kreuter, 2005


I want to thank you very much for giving me a real quality of life. I have been using your products for over two years now. You know that I strive to nourish myself as naturally as possible and, today, I can truly say that I feel very sure about the quality of my water. To this day, I am still very satisfied with my filter under the sink. I’ve enjoyed the “freshness“ of the water provided by the UMH device from the first day. Today I wouldn’t want to drink any other water. After moving into the Swabian Alps, we have, as you know, decided on the UMH because of the chlorine burden. Due to the additional UMH unit we now enjoy energized and noticeably softer water when showering and bathing. My fear that the water pressure would be adversely affected because of the filtering has not been confirmed. The investment has paid off again. For my business trips I always fill a liter sized bottle with my water, I put my mobile terminal filtration under my arm and am fully powered, no matter how long I‘m out. That to me is a real quality of life.
Michael Khouri, 2011


As I started preparing to deal with the subject of drinking water a few years ago, I came across many different solutions. I finally decided for a reverse osmosis system. After some enlightening discussions with Thomas Hartwig, I became aware that the complete demineralization of drinking water was not the ideal situation. Then I linked my system model with the mineralization cartridge and then vitalized the water with the UMH that I connected right under my faucet with two special adapters. Now the water is completely back in top order and doesn’t taste so “empty”. After about a year, I actually noticed that my metabolism had improved and my health recovery periods had shortened. After exhausting, long car rides or flights, after many hours of office work or after a few hours of sleep I was now recovered and fully fit again much more quickly. Since then, these and some other positive changes have not decreased at all. On the contrary, I have a bigger impression that a higher mental capacity can be achieved through UMH water. Because of that, I have paid conscious attention to my drinking water and thus also everything water consists of. Water relaxes me and gives me a quiet, clean life when I drink it. I can safely say that my physical and mental frame of mind have gained stamina and strength. I find the difference from before significantly higher. I am very happy and grateful for the excellent water quality, which I am allowed to enjoy every day.
Mirko Balke, 2011


In January 2010 the State of California set the standard for “lead-free brass” for appliances that touch drinking water at .25% lead. All UMH devices are made with OT-57 Brass with a lead content of .20%. In addition to meeting the California “lead-free” standard UMH devices have also meeting the 2013 German and Austrian “lead-free” standards.

When you will buy it you will get the UMH Master installation PDF..

Please also note: The Master contains highly charged water inside of it and this could freeze. Do NOT install outside in cold climates or in places where it is likely to freeze. Freezing is not covered by the warranty.


Product backed by a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits you were looking for when you made your purchase contact us and we will do our best to support you.

Note about freezing with warranty:
The UMH Master contains highly charged water inside of it and this could freeze. Do NOT install outside in cold climates or in places where it is likely to freeze. Freezing is not covered by the warranty.

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